Bk olympus mirror uygulaması

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Siteye erişmek için bahisçi uygulamalarını kullanın; Diğer geçici çözümler. Resmi. Android, iOS (dünya ve Rusya) için uygulamalar mevcuttur. BK Olimp / Olimp mobil uygulama türleri. ✩ Android için Ayna Olympus. ✪.Mirror Olimp Olympus bahisçisinin incelemesi. İOS Popüler bahisçi için Mirror Olimp Olympus uygulaması. Bahis şirketi Olympus dan ve telefonunuzdan iPhone veya Androide uygulama aracılığıyla çevrimiçi spor bahisleri yapın.


120 thoughts on “Bk olympus mirror uygulaması”

  1. Jose Aguilar

    Hey I was wondering if the GPS is it in Chinese or is it adjustable to English

  2. Crux Interfacing Solutions

    Ive seen your other videos as well as this one, we also have install videos please check out our page.

  3. Debbie FBI

    Too bad it doesnt work first android users as yet. Great video!

  4. Hayyu Adam

    hey sir, i followed all the steps but when i get to the screen where it says “ please insert products” nothing happened when i connect my phone. what am i doing wrong ?

  5. epicklex IS250

    Whats the difference between the octa core 2 and the octa core 4

  6. Johnny Soley

    15$ any phone android developer options unlocked 702 250 3675

    1. Graham Green

      You can, but you dont get apple carplay or android auto functionality like that.

  7. baek jeffery

    It is only available to connect Apple i Phone wirelessly. The WIRE still needed for Android Phone.
    Whenever watching this kind of video, please watch their smartphones very carefully, if you have Android Phones.

  8. Jesse James

    Hahahaa! How the hell are you surfing the Web with your Car screen? I have a 2019 Chevy Malibu, I do not think thats an option lol

  9. See if I buy this adapter Id install it behind the car stereo that way its always plugged in and I dont have to worry about it

  10. Mia Macias

    I have a 2009 Lexus and it doesn’t have the cigarette lighter in the glove box like yours does. Would I be able to plug the adapter into the one beneath the radio?

  11. BenYouCrazy

    hey dude wanted to ask if you still use it and if you do how is it after all this time is it still good is it really worth it ?>??

  12. To bad that wont work with the Pioneer AVCI8500NEX Ive been looking for something that would help me connect wirelessly to my android auto wireless with my LG phone :/

  13. Sorry Supporter since 2017

    How about you SHOW us how to get their theirs no link

  14. So this wont work with any head unit?? Only Andriod auto and carplay units??

  15. blaze71002

    is there a dongle to use with manifacturers unit? i supose thiw one works only on android units. i have a renault kadjar 2019. will it work on r link 2?

    1. And does this do android auto wireless bcuz ive always had to go with a cord

  16. FYI:

    Every version of AutoKit since 03.2020 are infected with lots of trojan viruses. Even the one directly downloadable from the

    Please check before installing, you can upload the APK to virustotal.com and it will scan it instantly. I discovered this because I downloaded the APK and backed it up on my Google Drive and then Google told me it had a virus, and so I looked into it further.

    Seems like a big security issue since your phone connects to this, the question is will this have to potential to steal data from your phone? If you look at the details tab on virustotal.com, it mentions an IP URL that the app uploads log files to.

    The most recent non infected version is 2020.02.24.0930.

    So if you want to install it, then please install this version.

  17. Toshiyuki Takamatsu

    This will work with any adapter or a specific adapter?

  18. Franz Rathmanner

    does the system also fit in a lexus is 220d? I mean the head Up unit?
    Greetings from Germany 👋

  19. When using Wireless CarPlay, can I use my cigarette lighter charger to charge it? Its higher 2.1A.
    Will it interrupt?
    Also, which microphone does it use? The tablet? Or its adjustable

  20. ComputerTechMaster19

    video misleading, I have a 2018 accord touring 2.0t and I have a standard head unit, this isnt for a standard system, makes it pointless for most people unless you have a custom informant system, do they sell an android auto version that is wireless with factory head unit?

  21. What can you do if your car android head unit doesnt support Android car play

    1. johnathan Thompson

      Nothing, this is to just make it make wireless instead of plugging it in

  22. LikeOrigami

    Did anybody buy this and get android 9.0? If you meet the above requirements can you confirm if your Climate Control works?

    1. I recently got the Android 10, climate control does not work and neither was the rear camera. Be returning it this monday.

  23. Cezar Filgueiras

    Hi…Im brasilian, sorry for my inglish.
    I have this dongle and a problem with carlinkit app. when i install carlinkit app on my radio others apps dont works.
    for example: i open radio app and after five seconds the app closing.
    can you help me ?

  24. Im a simple man, I see kanji characters on my phone screen, my phone gets reformatted!

  25. CBR Cronos

    Ive replicated your build, thanks for all the help. I am subbed. Do you know if our head unit has any firmware updates? I cant source this thing.

  26. BernieSandersMittens

    This doesnt have Wireless Android Auto like your clickbaity title or link to Amazon suggest.. just Carplay is wireless.. might want to change as Android users might click on it and order it and it dont work wirelessly.


    I wanna know if this unit work for android phones and used wireless, please answer me

    1. Graham Green

      @ANGEL COLON No, this is designed to work with head units running the Android OS like you have on your phone.


      @Corey Ricks ricks, i have a note9 and a original radio unit on my crv 2020, this product allow me to used android auto wireless, using this product

    1. Graham Green

      Use a wifi hotspot, either on your phone or a standalone wireless hotspot device. Or if youre close enough to pick up your wifi in your house you could use that when youre at home.

  28. Stickboy Fpv

    Yever tried quick support? No need for the adapter. As well as it mirrors the screen!

  29. Piece of advice, install a matte screen protector on your head unit. You ll thank me later.

  30. PeteyPablo

    Does anyone know if this will work with a JVC KW-V340BT head unit? Please

  31. Kenny Weaver

    Will this work on aftermarket radios like pioneer android auto on it????

  32. Nestor Rios

    Are you using a hotspot from your phone for Internet on you unit?

    1. Graham Green

      He probably is. You could also use a dedicated wifi hotspot device, or when youre at home if you are close enough to pick up the wifi in your house you could connect to it. Of course, thats no good if youre driving but it can be good for installing apps and updates while youre at home.

  33. Paymon Kazemeini

    The link you provided clearly states the adapter does not work with wireless android auto, so why are you saying it does? Or are you saying you can get wireless car play (and wired android auto)? If so, why would anyone with an Android phone want to use this adapter when the head unit is already Android Auto compatible?

  34. Does the adapter have to be in glove box or can you put in it any cigarette lighter

  35. David Banks

    how does waze work with apple car play on this unit ? is it smooth

  36. Robert Wood

    Is there a dongle that works on older version of android? My head unit is stuck on 4.0.4, and this seems to require 4.4 or newer.

    1. Carbon Dioxide 2

      I met the same problem, my system is 4.2.2 and it doesn’t work as well. I am looking for a way to update it

  37. Michael Gerges

    Do you need to be connected to WiFi on your unit to access apple car play? Or is like other cars just connect via Bluetooth and use with no wifi?

  38. Joe Clifford

    Your title says Android Auto, but at the end of the video you said unfortunately I dont have android device soooo What?

  39. Phillip Roberts

    Is that the Xtrons TR108 headunit? If it is I have the same unit and was looking into adding this feature. Thanks for showing me the way lol.

  40. Does this app automatically launch and connect to your phone when you start the car?

  41. Anas Manasrah

    Would it work for my Nissan Sentra 2013 it already has a screen

  42. Timothy_DE

    Does my standart Parking/Rear View Camera work with this Adapter?

  43. Marcus Ray

    Did you have to already have apple car play on your radio to be able to use this device

    1. I think the adapter introduces carplay so he probably didnt have it before

  44. Scrambled Eggs

    where did you get the usb cable that plugs into the head unit??? Or does that come with the old head unit?

    And i wish you showed me how you installed the usb in the glove box and the usb-c one as well 😩

  45. Ive seen many bad reviews of this product. Sound becomes distorted after nine minutes. It disconnects a lot as well. Have you had these issues? I have a Lexus 2106 IS 200t.

  46. Fabian Jimenez

    Does the wireless device have to be connected to the radio using the usb wire, or just any usb connection (to just power it)?

  47. iqbal sidiq

    Hi can you help me i have mitsubishi Rvr se 2017 without carplay can you help. The feature facttory installed backup camera bluetooth CD and radio.
    Please let me know how can you help me.
    My phone number
    416 825-6379


    I’m getting a message that says parse error. There was a problem parsing the package. What should I do ?

  49. Julius McDow

    Should have left Android Auto out of the title. I watched assuming I was going to find out a way to do it buuuttt nope. I already have a wired connection…. 🙄

  50. Merle Stewart

    Rename ur video, because if ur not going to explain in detail how Android Auto works with this dongle then ur misleading people ….

  51. How reliable is this product? I’m torn between using an android head unit + carlinkit or a pioneer head unit that support carplay. Android head unit seems scroll much smoother than pioneer even though pioneer is much more expensive.

  52. Akhenatonio

    Note: If your Android Head Unit does not support CarPlay or Android Auto, this will NOT work. The unit must support it in order for the options to work.

  53. I had a few questions. I would greatly apreciate if you could answer.
    Firstly. Do you already need to have Android Auto on your car system for this to work?
    Secondly Do you know if this would work with the Chrysler Pacifica 2017 8.4 inch screen
    Thirdly. Since this is a third party android auto does it allow you to use YouTube and other Video apps with it?

  54. keith minie

    Hey man I have this head unit as well. Do you by chance have a Bluetooth adapter hooked up to the unit for apps like torque? I can connect my phone but not my obd2 BT adapter.

  55. Scott Bailey

    @ Marks Mod Diary…
    Nice video.
    You didnt mention which version of Android you have on your head unit?
    Can you please advise?

  56. CrankImmortals

    Can you show android auto working? I have a similar looking head unit, but the Tasker Widget is missing and Waze does not show in my apps despite showing in my launcher on my phone.

  57. Jose Carranzza

    It work with any android stereo that doesnt support CarPlay?

  58. I have this adapter and it keeps auto connecting to where it cuts off my radio. Can anything be done about that?

  59. Bad Sport Driving

    Did you ever figure out how to get the Android store working on this head unit?

    1. To make it work you will probably need to flash a different version of Android.. You can use something like opengapps to make it work.

  60. nathaniel rosas

    Will this work for a 2008 Lexus ISF with rearview camera and navigation?

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