Bir bahisçide pokerde nasıl kazanılır

Aynı miktarda, yani ruble kazanmak için riske girmeye istekli rubleniz olduğunu varsayalım.Bu makalede okuyucuya bahisçide oyunun terminolojisi ve özellikleri hakkında bilgi vermeyeceğim ofiste ve çekilişlerde. Bahisçi ve yerde poker kazanmak gibi çok şey alacak.

Okuyucumun temel bilgilere zaten aşina olduğunu varsayacağım ve belirli stratejilere odaklanacağım. Ve yazının sonunda size bu oyunları oynamaktan neden vazgeçtiğimi anlatacağım. O halde, en basit strateji, buna Dileklerin yerine getirilmesi diyelim. Aynı miktarda, yani ruble kazanma riskini almaya istekli olduğunuz rubleleriniz olduğunu varsayalım. Pppoker – inceleme, yansıtma ve erişim, bonuslar – çevrimiçi pokerde nasıl kazanabilirsiniz? Çevrimiçi pokere geçiş, yerel kart oyunlarının kazananları için bile zor olabilir.

Bununla birlikte, hem bahisçilerde hem de çevrimiçi poker dünyasına geçiş sürecinde yeni başlayanlar için poker kazanacak birçok farklı araç ve teknik vardır. Bu bağlamda, yeni başlayanların oyunlarını geliştirmelerine ve gelecekte sürekli olarak pokerde kazanmalarına yardımcı olacak çevrimiçi poker oynamak için en iyi ipuçlarını hazırladık.

Düşük limitlerde oynamaya başlayın. Yüksek limitlerde nakit oyun oynamaya alışkın bir kişi için bile tavsiye edilir. Texas Holdem POKER (Bölüm 1) Nasıl Oynanır / Kart Oyunları Texas Holdem Poker Kuralları ve Öğreticiler Gerçek para kazanmak için çevrimiçi poker nasıl bahis oynanır?

Poker nedir ve ne tür oyunlar vardır? Poker, amacı 4 (eski klasik) veya 5 kart kullanarak mümkün olan en yüksek poker elini toplayarak veya tüm rakipleri oyuna katılmayı bırakmaya zorlayarak bahis kazanmak olan bir spor kart oyunudur. Oyun tamamen oynanır.

veya kısmen kapalı kartlar. Kesin kurallar poker türüne göre değişebilir. bahisçiler için bir rehber. Web sitemize kaydolduktan sonra hemen oradasınız.

111 thoughts on “Bir bahisçide pokerde nasıl kazanılır”

  1. Brotalian Can

    I play poker and am transitioning into being a fulltime poker player. I hope this helps!! Thats for the help!!

  2. Joe Bisesi

    Loved it. Good video.
    Bad poker players play by luck. Decent players play cards and math. Great players play on cards and math and reading people.

  3. Stacey .Fowler

    The finger shake is usually correct . They are usually strong .

  4. Cool interesting! Subconsciously, in home games, I’ve had good luck at using distraction or quiet as diversions from my own tells. So, randomly misrepresenting “disconnect” regardless of my hand, or the opposite, nervousness. It’s probably annoying, but just keeping the opponent off their guard so they’re not thinking of watching for my tells… I’m going to try not looking at my cards… sounds fun.

  5. Sharon Reifel

    This hasn’t just shown me what other do, but also what I do 100%

  6. I won the final table with pocket 4s vs. AK out of 250 players. All because a handful of seasoned players coached me on the way to the tournament. I had never even played holdem before. They new who was going to be there and they told me what hands to play and not to play before we arrived.

  7. When I get pocket aces I softly whisper Mother fucker so everyone thinks I have shit.

  8. Lovely Parks

    This man gonna get you killed on the poker table if you listen to him

  9. Deshant Devkota

    here we play Blind, everyone wont even look at their card and the strategy is to raise and check.

  10. Remy Martin

    One of the main tells is when a player acts way too relaxed. Starts to talk with other players while he waits for you to call or fold. If you see him doing this, he is trying really hard to look calm when in reality he is VERY nervous. It means he is bluffing 95% of the time.

  11. Read “The Biggest Bluff” instead. Even if you suck at poker it will make you better at life. By Maria Konnikova.

  12. Tomato Te Mana

    I got told not to pay too much attention to tells but these all explain a lot about my group of regulars

  13. A very wise man gave me some really good advice about 50 years ago. Disregard the opinion of any man who first gives you his qualifications to give you advice.

  14. Jason Ruspic

    Body language or not unless you are playing with really good players this means nothing. You still have the donks who call out of position with 10-2 and then flop 10-10-A with me holding A,K in position after raising.

  15. Allan Couceiro

    when I get cards I like, I rub my hands together in glee. Is this a tell? 🤔

  16. Larry mcelhinny

    Jennifer Harmon is a pro player that I recall chewing gum a lot & I cant recall the other pros name but shes an American with brown hair who chews gum often

  17. Neleboss Omero

    Dude you are awesome, everything you said is sooo true but I never paid attention to it.

  18. BA_ YoshiFi

    I’m just have some fun during covid with my family no money

  19. Andreas & Zois World

    Great video. I’ll definitely be using this techniques

  20. I Ride Eternal Shiny and Chrome

    When I get a good hand I get an erection coupled with a fluttering right eyelid. In addition I say banana pudding over and over. Its a certain tell and I have difficulty winning in poker.

  21. Caleb Teske

    If you had to teach a professional poker player not to chew gum…you might not have been talking to a professional poker player.

  22. skymonkey30

    Let me add another tell to the list, if somebody looks at their cards, and then after awhile rechecks their cards. Theres a very good chance that the cards are Off Suit. Its easy to remember two cards of the same suit then it is two different suits. So its recommended to not keep rechecking your cards over and over again

  23. Ballers Anonymous

    Reverse these to mess up ur opponents in 2020 game. False tells work amazing

  24. I love the fake look at your cards to scan the table on the sly. Never thought of that. I will use it.

  25. John Guerrero

    Here’s the deal, if you can’t spot the sucker within the first half hour, than you’re the sucker!!!

  26. KCC - Karens Chronic Corner

    The engagement tell only works preflop when players check their cards as soon as they are dealt. Most of the time, players check cards on their turn.

  27. raymond cancel

    Just play only the best 10 hands and forget about all this crap, that use to be true but not anymore! get ready to back up your hands!

  28. King Razer

    Dont miss the #1 Tell in this video @ 4:42, Thats why you see a lot of poker pros wearing sunglasses, which is such a laughable and patently false statement, thats how you can easily TELL this guy is all smoke and mirrors! 😂😂😂 Pros study, thats the real secret.

  29. Anishraj Jeebun

    Hi Rich, gr8 vid, i normally share all good videos, but with your video i dont want to, as why let my friends know the secret>>> lol

  30. Cole Johnson

    One tell I’ve noticed is that if you raise and somebody stares at you, typically they’re trying to “figure you out” to see if you’re bluffing. This means their hand obviously isn’t super strong. If they had a superior hand they’re calling or raising pretty quickly – they don’t care what you have they know they’re winning.

    Good poker players when they have pocket aces will look at the raiser with a face of “I think you’re bluffing” face and call.

  31. Mosul Iraq

    4:53 the correct thing is Flop, Turn, River NOT Flop, River, Turn. I like the dining table set, though.

  32. These may work in your friendly games at home but wont work at real tournaments because good players know about all of these and know how to fake tells making them practically useless for the most part…only very small amount of time will good players you must beat to win the big tournaments worth more than say 10g to win ..u will be guessing which is pointless as a strategy in poker…dont look a your cards until you have to then get into a routine where u do the same exact thing every single time…which must be practiced…then you will be unreadable and a better player…I count in my head for when to breath to keep your mind occupied along with doing the same motions and always wait until I get to a specific number do I call raise or fold so its at the same exact time every time and casually glance around the table in a phil ivey type way with a blank emotion stare… looking like I am looking for signs but Im really trying to figure out what hands the player would call raise or fold in the order of betting..that is the best tactic while there are loose canons most players worth a damn will use math formulas on odds and the amount of money more you would win if u call compared to if you fold…trickiest part is figuring out if someone is limping to get u to call at the final card or is bluffing pushing all in… you must think of poker as stages of a hand and not 1 single thing…thats how u read people mostly…tricky game to master but fun indeed

  33. I am sorry but I will absolutely not share it with my friends! I want all their money next time we play!!!

  34. John Santo Rawluszki

    Ill play straight for a few hands till the good players are known to me. Then when theres a pot I want but dont have anything ill just look straight at the player and say I dont bluff. Each time they fold. 😆

  35. Francis Pressly

    Ok Rich, I just have to comment, you beg waaaaaaaay too much. Too keep bullying the watcher with requests to like, subscribe, watch til the end etc. Come on, one time is plenty, after about the third or fourth time I clicked off your video and looked elsewhere. Get a clue, it is overkill by 1000%.

  36. Dawson Foley

    Pulls cards in tight and close
    Blows up chest
    Deep breath
    *bluffs hand*

  37. Watch out for the reverse psychology because a few people like me use it

  38. Rich Ferguson

    Unbelievably useful life skills and tools you can use in business, life or in poker!!… Please give the video a big share! Much appreciated.
    Also, learn some Poker Chip Tricks while you are here!

    1. Crusty McD

      Heads up – the river made the flush and I was thinking about bluffing it but then the guy watched me reach for chips with the exact same expression on his face that my cat has when it watches me open the can.

    2. MagicSantos

      Shhhh I dont tell anybody this is our secret! 😉👌👍😄😄😄

  39. My favorite tell is when a straight draw is on the board they start counting on their fingers

  40. marcin togeldon

    ive seen the fingershake while playing against another player and i thought that means hes nervous for bluffing and i called bu know i get it !

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  42. CrazyMyall

    Brah, at first I thought at 11:10 you show your middle finger. Would have been cooler, now that I think of it

  43. chauncie extreme

    super strong fake tell: , DON’T eat from your rack of Oreos & say ‘pay thet man hiz money’

  44. Mic Arsenijevic

    Can you teach us how to collude with the full tilt moderators? Oh wait- you have to know them first!

  45. 「 quirmi 」

    I had a pair of queens, my cousin won the pot because of an 2 that came on the table, she didn’t even now what her cards meant her mom was pretty much playing for her I hate river rats

  46. I took your advice on a date and started talking to the womens legs so I could see if she was insecure, she ran from the table.

  47. Santi Mora

    I would share with my friends but to don’t want to share all these secrets I just learned. Great video

  48. green BACKS

    iam a casual player learning how to play your information is valuable…great info

  49. Vacation Gotland

    This makes no sense.. What if you all do the opposite, does that make u a good actor… Or do you it like he says are you bad then… This makes no sense in poker

  50. Cookie_lemon_Ash plays_

    Some comments are pretty harsh. But when you play against recreational players, you see this stuff all the time. Not so much with the regs. In fact, with regs who think IM the rec player, I purposely do these tells and can get the action I want which is usually please call please call.

  51. Ansel Loves to Grow Organically

    Video worth watching over and over again, thank you!

  52. Free Spirit Transport

    Try bluffing on Play money tables!!! Everyones a calling machine!!!

  53. Vince Dierckx

    I always bluff a straight by counting on my fingers not too obvious but that works really well.

  54. Markus Riesen

    1:26 mantap bos slotnya ane coba main dari situs ke situs pas main di
    88juditop,club (tanda koma diganti jadi titik) baru menang 15jt modal 1jt

  55. LiviuPlaysPoker

    This Tips doesnt have value if so many people know that!! 😂😂

  56. ELEAZAR1995

    Never played before, im willing to learn from those who can prove their worth

  57. So what your saying is before the game starts or midway through when the game is tense, offer gum to my friends or opponents to take advantage of their body language..

  58. yunielescaz

    when i sit right up its usually because I have back sore and im trying to stretch

  59. Joe Shaloom

    I act engaged no matter what the cards are. Consistency in action along with inconsistencies on the cards you are playing is a key combination to winning.

    But the biggest key to winning is to not get rivered. 😉

  60. Bill Smith

    Its probably accurate. Unless youre looking at me LOL. Ive become better at this since now we have to wear a mask and I cant play with the micro smile burst. I still use the micro head shake but the body shift its a good one too. Trust me😏

  61. Bill Smith

    The overacting I like to call it Hollywood. And then theres always speech. When youre not in the hand watch and listen for the speech. And then see if its due to a good hand or Bluff and you can play accordingly. Theres two types of players Id like to see come to the table where you can pick up some chips number one is a 24 year old if the $200 Nikes a beer in his hand in his hat on backwards and number two is the Hustler talking to smack. Both are easy to trap. Especially if youre smart and you dress down at the poker table. High-dollar outfits and $3,000 watches Mark you as a fish. Unless youre on a really high stakes table where this sort of appearance is more common.

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