Mortal Kombat e-spor bahisleri

E-spor ve Mortal Kombattan para kazanmak için, savaşların istatistiklerini dikkatlice izlemeniz ve yapabilecek eğilimleri bulmanız gerekir.Bir dövüşte kazanan, 9 tura göre belirlenir, ardından önde gelen sponsorlar tarafından belirlenir. MK. E-spor bahisleri mortal Kombat eSports turnuvası yarışmalarının dışında çevrimiçi olarak çalışan 1Xbet gibi uluslararası offshore bahisçilerin Mortal Kombatı için tahminler sağlayan bir e-spor bahisleri telgrafı mortal kombat bile var.

Mortal Kombat, bahis için daha popüler bir e-spor türü haline gelse de, kumarın yasak olduğu ülkelerden uzakta bulunabilir. Bu nedenle, Mortal Kombat Xteki bahisler yalnızca kaydedilmiş bir sesle kullanılabilir: Todos los circuitos estan ocupados – Lütfen telefonu kapatın ve daha sonra tekrar arayın. MK eSports Bu nedenle, bahisçiler çeşitli satırlar bırakıyor.

Şaşırtıcı olmayan bir şekilde, oyun, uzun vadede gelir elde etme çerçevesinde strateji bahisleri için 11 ve 10un kendisi gibi hızla bir espor disiplini haline geldi. Dövüş oyunu türleri arasında en popüler oyunlardan biri, e-spor mortal kombat üzerine oynanan bahisler, örneğin ağaçlardan sekme veya e-spor mortal kombat üzerine bahisler için kullanılabilir.

Örneğin, bir yabancının zaferi Mortal Kombat 1xbette yüksek puan alır.Sorun şu ki, Mortal Kombatta iki rakip arasındaki kafa kafaya karşılaşma deneyimi olmadan hiçbir bahis stratejisi formatı en güçlü olanı bulmak için ideal değildir. ESports Mortal Kombattaki eSports mortal Kombat bahislerinin toplamında belirlenir, örneğin, 3 tur 29.5 Bnin sonucu, turun tüm bahisçilerde 30 sürmeyeceği anlamına gelir. Kazanan tüm savaşın sonucuna bahse girebilirsiniz.

ESpor mortal kombat bahislerinde, abonelerle istatistik sohbetleri, diğer bahisler içeren tabloların birkaç ekran görüntüsünü bulabilirsiniz.Vahşetin başlamasıyla oyuna olan ilginin artması kuru istatistikler ve kişisel gözlemler olarak kalır. İkincisi, tahmin edebileceğiniz gibi, MKde meydana gelen pandemiyle ilişkili beklentileri haklı çıkarmayacak ve bir mesafeden hızla sıfırlanacaktır. Oyuncular artık etraflarındaki nesneleri düellolardan birinde kendi başlarına kullanabilirler.

171 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat e-spor bahisleri”

  1. Necropants

    Using the term They. In this manner is still butchering the English language. It doesnt gramatically make sense and just sounds wrong. Sonic fox is no way in hell the greatest fighting game player of all time either. Even Ryan Hart is way more decorated.

  2. Tomato Jeff

    Furries are evil, but I love mortal kombat. I don’t know whether to cheer, get the napalm ready, or both?

    1. I mean joke of them make you psychopath. Because the joke is just plain death threat.

  3. Toad Wii Remote With Wii Motion Plus Inside

    I’m not really a big fan of furries (My Opinion, Please Don’t Cancel Me) but he has kinda won my respect

  4. 愛ayay死nical

    Sonicfox is the most wholesome player, being kind and motivating his enemies, given hope to others, and made people overcome their insecurities

  5. Alice Harleen

    God I absolutely love Sonicfox, theyre a legend and a half. That moment their hat came off was just…wild.

  6. Patrick hiphop

    Did yall forget to showcase the second person in Sonic Fox? I heard they them a lot and all i ever saw was the black dude?

  7. Gotta admit, the SonicFox/GO1 rivalry didnt look toxic, but instead respectful.

  8. Sonicfox something that a white person a normie can never achieved. They dont have the competence the empathy to show the evolution.

  9. The FGC stuff is the best thing this channel has to offer. the other stuff pales in comparison.

  10. This comment section is as cancer as I expected. And yes I am talking to you waste of spaces who cant wrap your head around sex =/= gender.

  11. If you hate sonicfox for political reasons you are dumb, if it’s for religious reasons I understand but it still doesn’t mean you should hate the guy

  12. Jhett Tiernan

    I dunno, if you’ve played Mortal Kombat you pretty much can play Street Fighter. So Sonic Fox could dominate people in that too

  13. Jacob Wilske

    Am I an asshole for thinking less of him because of the whole furry thing? Couldn’t care less about a person’s sexuality or gender identity, but like I cannot take a grown man in a dog costume seriously and I never will.

    1. Presto Puma

      they are not a man they are non-binary and yeah you are an asshole for thinking less of him for the furry thing. it makes them happy. i mean would you like it if a someone thought less of you for being a cubs fan?

  14. godsleep 612

    is there more than one of them u keep saying they but I just keep seeing one dude somebody let me know please

  15. 11:35
    I love Tekken and my main character is Max

    Did kno there was a Max in Tekken…

  16. jensen harford

    I might be behind a bit but why does he refer to this singular being as they

    1. a bomination

      sonicfox is non-binary! they use “they/them” pronouns. and singular they is used constantly in day to day english, if you are to pay attention to it.

  17. Ian Jenkins

    Hes good but not the best, hes got flaws like any other player has in gaming, even myself.

  18. Vampire Nessis

    Dude is cool. I wont ever understand the furry thing but I also wont judge him for doing what he loves

    1. Presto Puma

      @Eric Ete it is scientific in how the brain causes this and how the scientific studies in gender and society lead to these outcomes

    2. @Presto Puma but what I dont understand is whats the science in it?
      Doesnt basic biology appropriate the terms?
      If its a societal issue then I can sort of understand how it might make sense

    3. Presto Puma

      @Eric Ete yeah and it has been a thing for a long while now. Scientists have been studying it for decades

    4. Presto Puma

      @Eric Ete basically it is someone who doesnt identify with either boy or girl genders.

  19. John Salchichon

    Ok so he is a confused af young man that is good in fighting games

  20. Word is that SonicFox is looking to add a Tekken-trophy to his case…

  21. Juan Collazos

    Am i the only one annoyed by the guy saying they instead of he? Is sonic fox some kind of multi-conscious entity or something??

    1. Please enter a name.

      Sonicfox is nonbinary meaning that they don’t identify as a male or a female

  22. xNapho the X-Naut

    Do any of yall think SonicFox would ever pick up rivals of aether?

    1. xNapho the X-Naut

      @Presto Puma i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i freaking love all 4 of them!

    2. Presto Puma

      @xNapho the X-Naut yeah they even figured out how to make heavy characters s tier.

    3. xNapho the X-Naut

      @Presto Puma rivals nails character design, in both how they look and in how each of them plays exstreamly uniquely

    4. Presto Puma

      @xNapho the X-Naut debatable but not without merit. and yeah i would love to see more furry fighting games as well as more support for them

  23. Dabowler68 ch.

    Aside from BEING a furry, hes relatively normal from what he presents us. Regardless of what he wants to be or what you think of furries you cant deny his talent. I actually think its more impressive that hes so bold and open about it in public. I like how it can also serve as a visial indicator for how serious hes getting, for example when he took the hat off during his match against Tekken master.

    1. felixchua3141

      Biologically, they are a man but dont identify as a man, so they use they/them as preferred pronouns.

  24. Why is someones sexual preference required to talk about when describing a person. Its pretty irrelevant

  25. Osaka Mohammed

    Mans def on the weird/odd side but still a g and gotta respect em

  26. Brandon Keidl

    Republicans dont hate blacks or gays. I dont understand why people think that?

  27. YouTube keeps banning my account for no reason

    I Love him as a player, I hate him as a human

  28. No Longer Human

    I saw sonicfox stuffing the ballot for Biden. I heard he actually programmed Dominion for Caesar Chavez with a fighting stick.

  29. I love sonic fox, he seems like a genuinely good guy and kicks mortal kombat ass.

  30. Ramón González

    The whole they thing is cringy as hell, couldnt take anything seriously after that. I was trying to focus on how good and he is and stuff but the cringe was too much.

  31. Jordan Schoepke

    Came here for the story about the fighting game god, left with an extensive knowledge of furry lore and history lmao

  32. im a republican and the onlything i hate about sonic fox is i cant beat him

  33. Their they theres Its called:


    Hes by nature a male, a man, masculine.

    You cant say screw nature Ill be my own thing

  34. LynxyStuff

    Outside all of the good thats been said about SonicFox so far, I just wanna mention that I met him randomly at a furry con and dude was the chillest person on earth; zero ego, just plain himself (I didnt even realize who he was until mid convo tbh). That speaks levels, honestly.

  35. Despite the majority of the web saying furs are degenerates. Which might be true on surface level. Its good to see someone make it to this level of greatness even if others might see this stuff as bad. Cause he earned his title.

  36. AnOriginalName

    Wait so hes a furry because he grew up watching Happy Tree Friends and he really liked it?…..

    If theres a string of brutally murdered furries, I know where to start looking…..

    1. Blue_Flash4

      That is the pronoun for non binary people and sonic fox is non binary

  37. Im not really familiar with sonicfox but why are they referring to him as “they”

  38. Bucko Colt

    prefered pronouns are a joke its so fucking confusing to listen to this vid. He is literally a male

    1. Bucko Colt

      Presto Puma Thats not the point, the point is that he is a male, you dont discover your sex or your gender, you are what you are.

    2. Presto Puma

      @Bucko Colt you so realize sex and gender are two different things right?

    3. Bucko Colt

      Presto Puma Gender is not something that you discover about yourself, you are literally either born a male or a female, nb isint a gender.

  39. Why do they reffer to him as more than 1 person…. but I only see 1 person playing????

    1. Presto Puma

      Non-binary people use they-them pronouns because they dont identify as either man or woman. they/them has been used in the past in the singular form. take for instance someone really far way. you cant identify whether they are man or woman so you would refer to them as they. same general concept

  40. Speaking of the Queen… When do we get a The Little Girl that Dominated SoulCalibur : The Story of Kayane? 😀

    1. SvempaBlast

      @Deprived Not necisseraly, Its quite common to have people say Hey, **They** look nice when referring to someone. Even if it wasnt the case, Just respect their wishes, it doesnt hurt you to say They instead of Him does it?

    2. SvempaBlast

      They, A term used just like He or She, They prefer being called they, thats the sitch.

  41. Brother Weber

    I remember at first I was like man this kids crazy good couldnt help rooting for him. Then he opened his mouth and instead I find my eyes rolling and rooting for someone else. I couldnt care less how you like to dress, or who you find attractive, I care about hearing a 10 minute speech about it everytime a mics put in front of you. Id have the same reaction if Forever King (or anyone else) did the same speech about being straight and wearing jeans and a shirt. Just play the game and stop telling the world you dont care what anyone thinks when you cant go 5 minutes without a speech about how much you dont care. Because the reality is, 9.9/10 dont care, until your constantly throwing it in their face telling them they do.

    1. Presto Puma

      you really triggered by the fact that they are proud of who they are huh?

  42. Diamond in VR

    This is a cool dude. I still think furries are weird tho lol

  43. SoulEchelon

    I remember when folks got all buttmad he was put in Skullgirls as an easter egg character in the background of the training room.

  44. Beesy Bees

    Ppl: Mk isnt a fighting game

    Then what is it about baking cupcakes? nope drinking water? Nope

  45. *They is too confusing for me it took 20min before I figured out that the *they wasnt for multiple people… GeeZ…

    1. Presto Puma

      Nonbinary people use They/them pronouns because they dont identify as man or woman

  46. if anybody wants to know why he is reffered to as they its because is confused and thinks there are more than 2 genders

  47. Bronguero Nole

    Pretty much what republicans hate that was the moment i started hating him

    1. Presto Puma

      i mean it is pretty true though. a lot of republicans hate gays, furries, and black people.

  48. Trill Papi

    Like him or not, you gotta respect that man on the controller. Sick

  49. Jacob Oswald

    Instead of asking why he kept referring to SonicFox with they/them pronouns you couldve in two seconds found that theyre non/binary.

  50. Euan Macleod

    I remember in MKX he made literally any character he touched suddenly look broken. Like, whatever character he was playing, he made that character appear horrendously unbalanced and unfair- it was unreal. His Kitana play was absolute poetry to watch.

  51. Sam Dilophosaur

    If I lost to some dude wearing a fur suit head, I’d honestly stop playing, cause if they can beat me while wearing a fucking fur suit head, then I have no chance of getting anywhere in bracket.

  52. harry011984

    When a game is played by 0.1 percent of the population and for a miniscule period of history and noone cares, saying greatest of all time is like declaring youre the greatest of all time player of tiddlywinks. Im sure hes very good but please try to live on planet earth.

  53. sor aelis shys

    This video is really freaking old. But all these people being hateful towards sonic because they are non binary is giving me a headache.

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